100 Trees

We got a letter in the mail the other day letting us know our Delta miles were about to expire. Uh oh! What to do with 11,111 points? What would that actually buy us? A pack of peanuts? An extra blanket? Maybe a drink on the house really paid by us?

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Delta’s southern hospitality was in full force because they had suggestions waiting for us on how to “spend” those points.


Now, why did it take us receiving this letter to realize we needed 11,111 points-worth of magazines? Du and I stared at the list. Not a one on there that we would have chosen ourselves to subscribe to. But heck, when they’re “free” why not? They all started looking like good subscription ideas.

We started through the list:
Allure: I could use some allure in my life. That’s a maybe. ↔
Business Weekly: Um, not anymore. ↓
Cigar Aficionado: Well, maybe when we lived in Germany, but not now. ↓
Condé Nast Traveler: Didn’t want to cry each month. ↓
Elegant Bride: Maybe 13 years ago. ↓
Entertainment Weekly: Finally, a yes! Sure we don’t watch tv any more. But who cares when it’s a free magazine! Now I won’t feel so out of touch when someone references “Lipstick Jungle” or “Gossip Girl” or “Fidy Cent”. What are those anyway? Now I’ll know. ↑
Out or The Advocate: Yeah, I could just see the ladies that do lunch coming over and finding that… ↓
People in Español: No gracias. ↓
Windows IT Pro: I know just enough HTML and CSS to make me dangerous. Why ruin a good thing? ↓
Wired: I wish. Maybe I should do this one. ↓

This is just a sampling of what we were having to choose from. Winners, I know. Here are the ones we chose:

Entertainment Weekly: My famous fix.
Harper’s Bazaar: a 2-year subscription. I’ll be on the high end of fashion for exactly 24 months.
Self: And I’ll be fit.
The Atlantic Monthly: Can you tell this one’s for Du?
The Economist: Snore…zzzz…
Lucky: Wha? Me? Subscribing to Lucky? Oh yes, this is my comedy fix for a year. Read here if you’re confused.


Garden & Gun!! Yeh betcha! Yup, we’re gettin’ a subscripshun to a magazine that features gardens.and.guns. I absolutely cannot wait. Did you even know there was a magazine out there like this!?!? This is for the true redneck and his missus. Actually, the tag line says “21st Century Southern America” and that fits me to a T. Even the gun part…

So, for the price of 11,111 airline points we’ll be getting the amount of paper that it took about 100 trees to produce. I promise I’ll try my darned hardest to recycle these. And blog the crap out of what Lucky is going to try to convince me is the next big fashion trend…

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

14 thoughts on “100 Trees

  1. No way! I saw that cover and I thought it was a joke. Seriously??? I should susbscribe to that! Between me and my redneck husband, it might be a good read! lol

  2. I keep getting those letters about my AA miles, and I don’t think I have enough for an actual ticket somewhere, so I was wondering what to do with them. now I know!! lol Magazines for everyone I know for Christmas this year. hehe

    Thanks for visiting me yesterday!

  3. Do I remember your blog looking this beautiful or was I simply out to lunch before? Now, given that I was awarded the coveted prize of “kick ass blogger award” from you, do I get one of those cool boxes on the side of your blog? They all look so nice!

    Why not make a magazine that really appeals to everyone…like Gardens, Guns, Girls, Gum, and Gossip? Yes, they wouldn’t be able to fit anything else but the title on the front cover but it would be something for the whole family– you wouldn’t need any other magazine if you had GGGGG!

    Speaking of magazines, did you see my post on Jennifer Love Hewitt? It’s right up your alley. I mean, you think you have a girl who’s finally advocating that girls can be whatever size they are– she had quite a few choice words to say to the paparazzi about it (story last December– do you remember?) and then BAM she’s on the cover of US Weekly last week with a caption that she’s lost 18 pounds and feels much better. So US Weekly is out– even if Gardens and Guns doesn’t strike your fancy.

    Here’s the article, if you’re curious. I know you just “loved” the one about Selma Blair.


    Talk soon-
    Dr. Robyn

  4. I need this magazine! Live in Alabama. Married to an Army man. Love to garden. Did they write that magazine for me?? I will have to check for it next time I am at Barnes and Noble. 🙂

  5. I had a subscription to Lucky…I had to cancel it cause I just could never get into it!

    Garden and Guns? I can’t believe that’s a magazine! Hmmm…maybe I should give a gift subscription to my inlaws, they’d probably really enjoy it!!

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