Story Time, Interactive Style

It never fails–when we get a pet it never is an ordinary, normal pet. Our pets always have…issues. Case in point, the latest picture for Story Time, Interactive Style.

Meet Buzz

Or should I say, Buzz Lightyear.

I am not kidding. Those are his real eyes! There aren’t even words…Well, I hope there are and I hope you’ll leave them in the comments section.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Look at the pic above. But don’t stare too long. I’m told he has hypnotic powers.
  2. Come up with a comment or story about said pic.
  3. Leave your creative prose below in the comments section.
  4. In turn, this will make me feel better for having a “special” cat.


As for last week’s gem: they say truth is stranger than fiction. My truth is never very interesting though, that’s why I like reading your stories. We had stopped one Sunday morning, like many Sunday mornings, to grab some breakfast for the parking lot attendants, of which my husband was one. I stayed in the truck, because who wants to haul kids out into a grocery store when we’re rushing to church? Who wants to haul kids out into a grocery store ever, but that’s another issue. This morning I had a treat though. Some owner unsuspectingly left their innocent little pooch to guard the vehicle. Little did they know he’d try to become Toonces the Driving Cat (anyone remember him?).  At least he wanted to be Toonces, hence the look of longing in a dog’s eyes when he’s behind the wheel…

Yes, Nicole, we can thank God he didn’t give dogs opposable thumbs. Because I was right in his path.

Thanks for playing!!

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

12 thoughts on “Story Time, Interactive Style

  1. There’s no stories yet????
    Mine is just a caption…
    “Holy cow, my eyes fell out!”
    or maybe
    “These humans are so dumb, they’ll never realize the fur suit is just a cover. The take over of the world can continue as planned.”

  2. Just wanted to say I’ve been reading to keep up with you guys and get my daily dose of humor. Hope you are settling in now. Tell the family we all said hello!

  3. Look into my eyes … DEEEEEP into my eyes. You’re succumbing to my will. Yesssss. You know it’s time to feed the Buzz. Give the Buzzman roast beef. Ah, yes! Prime rib. FEEEEEEEEEED me the good stuff.

  4. “What?! You think we can see in the dark naturally lady?!? Get Real!.. now back up, I need to rip a good one here.”

    What a funny cat! We still have the cat we got in Germany!! Can you believe that? About 5 years ago I bought this little stuffed catnip bird – it looks more like a cartoon character really – and EVERY SINGLE night she hunts this thing and brings it to me. She makes the most hysterical noises…we all just lay in bed at night when the lights go out waiting and laughing until she’s done. I’ve got to capture it on video!

  5. Look into my eyes. You are now a mouse and I am going to eat you.

    Seriously my kitty spent her formative 6 months being raised by a yellow lab and now she’s more dog than cat except of course she won’t walk on a leash.

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