14 thoughts on “Where are the bleeping Christmas decorations?

  1. I’m still fighting to get my husband to climb up in the garage and bring down the tree so I can get my Christmas decorating on. We go through this every year. And every year, round about the 10th, he finally brings it down. Of course, he is slow to put it back up there, too, so we actually get three weeks out of it, but half of them are on the wrong side of the holiday. Oh well.

    I’m sure your boxes will turn up.

  2. So hilarious! I really have to stop reading at work because I laugh out loud 🙂 Maybe your rightful lineage AND the christmas decorations will be restored to you posthaste! I hope so – for your sanity’s sake 🙂

  3. I don’t usually take the time to leave comments, however it is difficult to find actual thoughts on this subject today. You did a wonderful job in this blog post and I think I’ll check out your other articles as well. Keep up the good work!

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