Christmas Cookies

Merry Christmas! One of our other traditions of the holiday season is baking and decorating sugar cookies. The year this picture was taken, we made SO many! We had enough to give some to our mail carrier, the trash guys, the firemen down the street, and various friends in the neighborhood. This year the cookiesContinue reading “Christmas Cookies”

Mini pies

I’m sad to say that I don’t even remember making these mini pies – I made them back in 2011. That means one of two things. I’m either at the beginnings of dementia, or our lives are so busy that my brain can’t hold all the awesomeness. They look so delicious, I’m sure they tastedContinue reading “Mini pies”

There’s a stench in the air

You know that each house has its own smell. You can’t smell your own house’s smell because you’re in it so much. I think the closest you can get to being able to smell your own house is to go on vacation for a long time and do laundry so your clothes don’t have yourContinue reading “There’s a stench in the air”

Bounty out o’ the oven…aka I baked bread!

While attempting to eat healthier and eliminate gross amounts of preservatives and refined foods from our diet I started looking at the nutritional information on packaging. It is well known that my husband has long cared more for what’s in our food than I have. Me looking at the back of packages at the groceryContinue reading “Bounty out o’ the oven…aka I baked bread!”

The kids have gone cra cra

As a parent it becomes your duty to force your kids to help clean up around the house. Chores, whether paid or not, are doled out to the kids like unsuspected torture and the noises that come from their little pie holes make it seem like no one’s ever had life as rough. All thatContinue reading “The kids have gone cra cra”