Speaking about motherhood is SO traumatic! (according to Duke)

Yet Another Case of Campus Discrimination

Duke stops group from using Women’s Center

Duke University cancels motherhood eventwhen pro-life group participates

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“We had a very strong reaction from students in general who use our space who said this was something that was upsetting and not OK. So based on that, we said, OK, we are going to respond to this and stop the program.”

Since when has motherhood become something too “traumatic” to discuss? Yes, motherhood is often difficult and can have traumatic moments. But, why can’t those be discussed? Because to discuss motherhood implies that someone made the choice to become a mother?

This is more than just the motherhood talk, though. This is an attempt to stifle free speech, and particular view points, on a campus that obviously values certain ideals above others. Some students were upset at the organizer’s viewpoints (Mr. Liccardo never states how many students complained to him), viewpoints that are a valid counterpoint, and they successfully managed to convince a university “committed to free speech” to prove that they believe free speech only belongs to those whose mouths speak the majority opinion. Duke’s action belies their supposed commitment “free speech” and being “welcoming  to discordant viewpoints”.

Furthermore, have students become so self-centered, so egocentric, that they cannot stomach someone presenting challenging or opposing views? What happened to the actual mind-broadening, deep intellectual thinking that is supposed to go on at liberal arts universities? Continually, not only Duke, but universities and colleges across the nation are proving that instead of being mind-broadening and challenging, they are pigeonholing and brainwashing.

There comes a point in time where a thinking person has to stop and say he or she has had enough. The radical left and radical feminists no longer (and have not for a long time) present logical and viable philosophical ideas for people living in a realist world, the real world. Maybe “opposite world”. They are as inane as “opposite world” sounds.

Isaiah 5:20

Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

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