Calling a woman a slut is NOT a war on women

We’ve gotten so good at throwing around extremes. We love everything and everyone, we’re BFFs with any and everyone. Not getting the latest iPhone on its release day makes it the worst day ever. Really? There are people who want to say that calling a woman a slut is war on women. Maybe they’re alsoContinue reading “Calling a woman a slut is NOT a war on women”

Even addicts have their limits (I’m talking to you, Girl Scouts)

For some reason every year it catches me off guard. You would think, with me being an addict, that I would have exact dates down. Still, I am surprised each year* when one of my daughter’s friends calls me up or comes to the door peddling the goodness in the green boxes. Thin Mints, thatContinue reading “Even addicts have their limits (I’m talking to you, Girl Scouts)”

Sigh, Netfilx…or, yep, I’m crazy frugal

Unless you’ve been under a rock or just don’t “do” entertainment you’ve either gotten a notice from Netflix or heard the chatter about Netflix going all crazy with their pricing. Those are my words. I doubt Netflix would see it the same. If anyone is cheap frugal, it’s me, and I’m all for getting somethingContinue reading “Sigh, Netfilx…or, yep, I’m crazy frugal”

You’ve got to stand for something…

President Obama Makes Hu Jintao Look Good On Rights (the full text of the editorial is below) I don’t believe what is coming out of either of their mouths. In school we’ve been studying WWII and the period directly after it. What struck me when we were reading about Truman wasn’t the fact that heContinue reading “You’ve got to stand for something…”

The season of strife

Summer is on our heels and there are many things to be grateful for, not the least of these being no more school for several months. The girls will be visiting Nonna & Bop for a couple of weeks. There’s a possible trip to Europe for a couple of weeks. And my girls will beContinue reading “The season of strife”