Project(s) Update – Week 4

Here are this week’s Project 365 photos: 23-29 January. I’m still really enjoying trying to capture a picture a day.

The Project 52 theme this week was Soothing Repetition. The rules state that you have to submit a picture taken within the specific week. I really wanted to submit this picture:


Check out the repetition in the rocking chairs and the railing in the background. And what is more soothing than rocking chairs? Unfortunately I took this picture back in October. Not quite playing by the rules so I submitted the next best thing: soothing repetition taken this week:


I guess if you can’t have rocking chairs on a Southern porch a pan of brownies smothered with marshmallow fluff and drizzled with chocolate will have to do.

Week 5’s Theme is “Muse…” What is my muse for photography…

One thought on “Project(s) Update – Week 4

  1. piper3301 says:

    I love it! I started a 365 project of my own back in August and it was the best thing
    I have done photography wise. I see moments in our day I never paid attention to before.

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