Notes to self on birthday prep

Notes to self regarding birthday prep and celebrations:

  1. When using gel to color butter cream frosting take note that it will intensify in color over time. I was worried about Hello Kitty’s bow being pink when it’s supposed to be red so I added the entire little container of red gel coloring to my 1 cup of white icing. At first I still didn’t think it would be red enough. By the time we cut the cake it had gone from pink, to red, to deep burgundy edging on black.
  2. When celebrating the birthday of an offspring that weighed over 8 pounds at birth it might be nice to actually get a picture of yourself with the little 4-year old bowling ball. I took pictures of her with her Hello Kitty, burgundy bow, cake from every conceivable angle. I even stood up on the chair to get shots of her decorating her goody bag. Not one. single. picture. with our faces together.
  3. When buying balloons to be inflated with helium for the party it is essential to buy more than you’ll actually need. We had nine girls attending the party, so like a novice I ordered nine balloons. What happens on the way home? One of them pops scaring the poop out of all of us and rendering me unable to pass out balloons at the end of the party. Now I have eight balloons in my house and my cat likes to eat the strings. Talk about poop.
  4. Cups. Remember the cups. And forks.

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4 thoughts on “Notes to self on birthday prep

  1. If one balloon popped, don’t you have eight balloons now? 🙂

    You did great. Ashlyn loved it (and knew she was loved — which is the most important). She really enjoyed the decorations, the cake, the friends, the gifts.

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