The kids have gone cra cra

As a parent it becomes your duty to force your kids to help clean up around the house. Chores, whether paid or not, are doled out to the kids like unsuspected torture and the noises that come from their little pie holes make it seem like no one’s ever had life as rough.

All that changed yesterday when Ash actually asked if she could mop. Who was I to say no? Then she wanted to wash the windows. I made sure she was speaking English and then I broke a land speed record fetching the Windex and paper towels.

My little directives and “you missed a spot”s didn’t deter her. Not only was she back for more today but the big one wanted to get involved as well.

So much so that they had written out lists of all the chores they wanted to do. There are words on there that I don’t quite know the meaning of. “Shine”? What does that mean? I don’t ever do that. “Polish”? As in polish furniture? If you want to talk about Polish pottery I’m all ears, but get me away from furniture polish.

Isn’t that cute. She’s written down “sweep” twice!

This really is one of the cutest things I’ve seen. She wrote down “mop” all by herself!

To the aliens that have abducted my children and replaced them with little Cinderellas. You may keep them as long as the batteries don’t wear out on these new models. From the looks of it (below) I think they’ve got Energizers.

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