The Simple Life…or something like it

To be an heiress can’t be all that bad. I mean your days are cake while personal assistants do everything for you. Shop, dine, socialize, entertain, workout with a personal trainer for six hours a day…oh wait…I’m getting off track. You’ve got to admit, the lack of responsibility and overload of pleasure sounds nice. InContinue reading “The Simple Life…or something like it”

You do what you know

Or in this case, you say what you know. We have instituted family prayer time since we’ve been imprisoned cooped up together in this hotel room. Reagan reads and prays for a country out of Operation World (a book that details every country, its demographics and its religious affiliations/struggles, and how we could pray forContinue reading “You do what you know”

If only money grew on trees and I had a green thumb

I have a picture of my dream house. I ripped it out of a magazine and have it safely tucked away for when the time is right…retirement. It’s white, two story with a wrap-around porch; symetrical but not square; black shutters and a porch swing; roundings on the house and porch that create the perfectContinue reading “If only money grew on trees and I had a green thumb”

It’s Time For Change!

(Long philosophical rant. If you’re looking for happiness, move along.) Our country is changing. It hasn’t been an immediate change and our new president did not bring upon the change himself. But we are a changing nation. Change is not always good though. You cannot assume that since we are changing it is for goodContinue reading “It’s Time For Change!”

Could She Even Comprehend?

I think every mother can attest: once you find out you’re pregnant for the first timeĀ (or are going to be able to adopt that precious child) there’s not much more that crosses your mind in the passing months until the birth. Almost every waking thought is spent on that child. What will he look like?Continue reading “Could She Even Comprehend?”

Life and death and life

Today I finally got around to searching for and finding podcasts by Greg Laurie. He is an amazing pastor out of California who I used to listen to in New Mexico. I downloaded what was available and we listened this morning. In July Greg lost his oldest son in a car accident and these podcastsContinue reading “Life and death and life”