Screw the next generation?

If you are breathing right now you undoubtedly notice a difference in the way you acted as a child and younger person and the way kids and young people today act. A friend of mine posted this article yesterday on Facebook: Generation Whine: Why I’m relieved not to be a Millennial And people used toContinue reading “Screw the next generation?”

Sinead’s at it again

I opened up the Sunday paper today, rifling through the various sections, looking for the parts that might catch my interest. Travel and Metro are usually the only ones I spend any time on. I glance through the headlines, throw out the sports and hold my breath as I flip through the Outlook section. TheContinue reading “Sinead’s at it again”

Digging the altruism

I helped a man unstick his car from the snow and ice yesterday. On the way back from taking my neighbor to her friend’s house for the weekend I noticed a guy, in our neighborhood, who had gotten his little car stuck in the middle of an intersection. It was blocking the way of aContinue reading “Digging the altruism”

The Uniform Project

I’m loving this blog/site: I’m am all for capitalism, especially the making money part and spending money part. Well, that pretty much sums capitalism up, but I am a big fan. I do think though there is a limit as to how much I personally can obtain and own before I start feeling a littleContinue reading “The Uniform Project”

I wish I were a Founding Father (happy birthday Constitution!)

That would rule out me being Amish wouldn’t it. They are (and were during Colonial and Revolutionary times) pacifists and don’t get involved in government or politics or things like revolutions. The signing of the Constitution 17┬áSeptember 1787 The only reason I know this is because I follow “people” like the Smithsonian and the LibraryContinue reading “I wish I were a Founding Father (happy birthday Constitution!)”