This is Ashlyn…don’t tell Mommy…

SSHHH…my mommy is in the showuh wight now. i know she wites abowt me heuh. she thinks i don’t unduhstand evything she says when she talks and wites at the same time. but i’m smahtuh than she thinks. let’s keep it that way, k? i want to take the opputoonuty to clear up sum miscept…misconert…miscontracept…misconceptionsContinue reading “This is Ashlyn…don’t tell Mommy…”

Role Reversal

As a woman I am fairly good about noticing things. The emergence of spring; the new freckles on my daughters; the five new miniscule wrinkles that have added themselves to the legions around my eyes. I kind of take pride in the fact that I’m pretty observant. And my husband usually relies on me toContinue reading “Role Reversal”

Taking the steps to be a SAHM

I’ve taken the liberty to share my advice and opinions over at Blogher on becoming a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). If you’ve ever thought about being a stay at home parent (because the advice is the same for a man) this article will answer those age old questions that are lurking in your mind. GoContinue reading “Taking the steps to be a SAHM”

Guest Post from my better half

I’m handing over the blog reins to my husband for a post. Many of you have seen his handywork in the comments of some of my posts, setting the record straight where I “obviously” needed to be corrected. Now, without further ado–unedited, unfiltered (obviously, since there are glaring half-truths about me): Our Saturday (through the eyes of theContinue reading “Guest Post from my better half”