This May Scare You Away Forever

MommiePie did it. Because Sweetney did it. Now I’m doing it. Probably not the best thing to do, since I think I’ve got a couple new readers. But it was fun. And hey, who’s not into baring all these days? COME AS YOU ARE Au natural. No false pretenses. No pretenses at all. I thankContinue reading “This May Scare You Away Forever”

They’re Hugging!

Du is the best dad in the world. He puts Reagan to bed every night to give me a couple minutes of peace to myself. He is the. best. dad. This nighttime ritual includes among other things reading a story. Tonight Reagan chose From Tadpole to FROG. Maybe she was missing Phillip, our tadpole whoContinue reading “They’re Hugging!”

Arkansas Trip: Day 5 – Heading Home

Click Here for the results of my Friday 13 Photo Scavenger Hunt        Friday 13: Photo Scavenger Hunt Just like yesterday there was no chance to sleep in this morning. In fact, I had my phone alarm wake me up at 6:30 again. I never mind waking up early to go shopping though.Continue reading “Arkansas Trip: Day 5 – Heading Home”

Arkansas Trip: Day 3 – J’adore les francais!

We awoke to grey clouds and thunder in the distance. Let me rewrite that. Ashlyn woke up at her normal 7am because she doesn’t know how good it is to sleep in on vacation. Since I’m the best wife in the world I get up with her because I want Hubby to get much neededContinue reading “Arkansas Trip: Day 3 – J’adore les francais!”

School’s Out For The Summer — Musical Stylins re: School

Our third year of homeschooling has come and gone. I, like my student, am glad to see summer. Don’t get me wrong, homeschooling is very rewarding. You play the essential part in putting knowledge into your children’s brains. You see the ah hah! moments when the lightbulb suddenly switches on. You get to know yourContinue reading “School’s Out For The Summer — Musical Stylins re: School”