Giraffe Kisses (with tongue) and Elephant Poo

Wow, that will get me a lot of weird Google search responses! I’m working on a post about what kind of searches lead people to my blog. Can’t really post about that when we’ve got vacation to talk about, right? Especially when it comes to kissing giraffes…   As you might have guessed we did make itContinue reading “Giraffe Kisses (with tongue) and Elephant Poo”

So We’re In Colorado

We left for our trip after lunch and made the 10+ hour drive in, oh, about 10+ hours. I didn’t know, and nobody warned me, that if you have more kids you make more stops. I don’t like stops. It’s against my nature. When Du was on a business trip once, I made the trip fromContinue reading “So We’re In Colorado”

Open Letter to The Junk Mail Senders

I’m beginning to realize I love open letters. They let me get a lot off my chest. But they don’t seem to be positive do they? I’ll have to work on that.   NV of This D*mn House posted about Junk Mail and it made me think about how everyone I know is inundated with theContinue reading “Open Letter to The Junk Mail Senders”

This is Ashlyn…don’t tell Mommy…

SSHHH…my mommy is in the showuh wight now. i know she wites abowt me heuh. she thinks i don’t unduhstand evything she says when she talks and wites at the same time. but i’m smahtuh than she thinks. let’s keep it that way, k? i want to take the opputoonuty to clear up sum miscept…misconert…miscontracept…misconceptionsContinue reading “This is Ashlyn…don’t tell Mommy…”