My husband and I were in church this past Sunday and I realized something that’s so obvious it’s just known, but seldom talked about: It is obvious which hand was female and which was male. (And these aren’t the notes from church. I wasn’t dreaming about my herb garden in the middle of a sermon.)Continue reading “Stereotyping”

Gargoyle Love

I have a fascination with gargoyles and generally any kind of human, animal or creature carved into stone, wood, you name it. This started when we lived in Germany. In Europe there is at least one insanely old church or castle in every city. So there are animal and human faces all over the place. IContinue reading “Gargoyle Love”

Running partners

Believe it or not I’m running again. I’m even training for a race. 10K, it’s a start. In fact, it may be the longest distance I race. I’ve been training for several months now and I’ve seen some interesting things just running through my humble neighborhood. Take for instance, Thing 1 and Thing 2: See,Continue reading “Running partners”

No one ever blamed us of being observant

So, I did a little bit of Spring Cleaning today and neither Du nor my oldest child could detect a difference. I told them to look at the room hard to notice. Do you see? There’s Du in the second picture taking in the whole room, trying to figure out the difference. When I gotContinue reading “No one ever blamed us of being observant”

Punctuated thinking

So I wasn’t on Facebook at all today. Nor on Twitter. I still think in short little blurbs though. I bet none of my thoughts were over 140 characters. Throughout the day when things happened to me I would immediately formulate my short, pithy comment about the situation. Then I’d remember that I had nowhereContinue reading “Punctuated thinking”