Love is in the air

God is not-so-subtly telling me that we need to have “the talk” soon with Reagan. We went to the zoo today and the only animals that were out were fish and mating frogs. I kid you not. There’s a smaller frog on the back of Big Mama. He’s camouflaged pretty well. So, those last onesContinue reading “Love is in the air”

A hint of spring?

Doves have been visiting our backyard the past couple of afternoons. The first day I saw them there were no less than eight back there. Yesterday I saw only one. A pair usually takes up residence in our friends’ backyard. Maybe they’re trying out new digs, or they’ve invited their relatives to move closer toContinue reading “A hint of spring?”

Notes to self on birthday prep

Notes to self regarding birthday prep and celebrations: When using gel to color butter cream frosting take note that it will intensify in color over time. I was worried about Hello Kitty’s bow being pink when it’s supposed to be red so I added the entire little container of red gel coloring to my 1Continue reading “Notes to self on birthday prep”

Lucky’s not so lucky

We thought we were going to get lucky today…   We met some friends after church for what was supposed to be a quick lunch. Our friends had to get one of their daughters to a Girl Scout meeting and we needed to get home so I could go take more money from JoAnn’s.* TheyContinue reading “Lucky’s not so lucky”

The lengths to which he will go

His love knows no limits. He would climb any mountain, sail across a stormy sea, if that’s what it takes him, baby… or he would travel to San Antonio just to bring me these: He probably didn’t go there just to bring me back a bag of chips, but his sexy factor sure did increaseContinue reading “The lengths to which he will go”