Don’t pull a Chuck Norris on your Ikea shelves

So, we put up our second set of Besta shelves from Ikea tonight. I’ll give any of you out there a forewarning: don’t go all Chuck Norris on them. The backings of these shelves are nothing more than MDF or construction paper or something and tend to be flimsy. The back comes prefolded and youContinue reading “Don’t pull a Chuck Norris on your Ikea shelves”

My pockets carry nothing but lint

With the downturn in the economy it seems like it’s cool now to save money and budget. Or at least to talk about it. For months I’ve been noticing articles in fashion magazines about how bad rich women feel about going out and spending extravagant amounts on frivolous things. Things like, “I just feel badContinue reading “My pockets carry nothing but lint”


It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the sewing machine. I made the girls’ Christmas dresses and haven’t looked at the sewing machine since. Recently I started getting the itch to sew again, and I’ve got some cute fabric just sitting around. I had wanted to use it for a different purpose, but don’tContinue reading “Matchy-matchy”

Excuses, Excuses

Hello? Is this thing on? I haven’t blogged since earlier this week and I’m wondering if I’ll still know how to do it correctly. Since when did the holidays become busy times? My reasons are many and varied, but I’ll let the pictures do most of the ‘splainin’. Don’t roll your eyes. First of all,Continue reading “Excuses, Excuses”

Email is looking better everyday

I never thought I’d say this but sending out email Christmas greetings instead of cards is looking better every year. Since we move around every couple of years we’re constantly meeting new people and wanting to stay in touch. Our address list for Christmas cards will probably top out at around 115 this year. That’s: 115 photoContinue reading “Email is looking better everyday”

Tis the season

I balk at Christmas decorations in stores before Thanksgiving. It’s ridiculous and proves how the holiday season is really nothing more than a commercial holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for capitalism, but it just seemed wrong to me when I saw garland hanging from the ceiling of one of my local stores beforeContinue reading “Tis the season”