Edmund Pettus Bridge

The Edmund Pettus Bridge, in Selma, Alabama, is the site of many civil rights marches in the 60s, including Bloody Sunday. Although Martin Luther King Jr was not there on Bloody Sunday, he would be two days later to march to the site of the violence and pray. Due in part to this nonviolent protest, President Johnson submitted voting rights legislation to Congress.

That’s a horribly short encapsulation of a whole movement which still carries on today, and a blog post here couldn’t do near the justice needed to cover the full range of the civil rights movement. When we lived in Montgomery, we drove over to Selma one day to explore an old base that my husband’s father had been stationed at. This was the only shot of the bridge that I got, but if you go online, you’ll see other (better) pictures that show just how beautiful the bridge is.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge where many civil rights marches occurred in Selma, Alabama. Not So SAHM
Edmund Pettus Bridge – ProjectEdit365 – 16 Jan

The original was probably taken with my iPhone back in 2009. Please go to Project Edit 365 to see the original and the edits that I made. Thanks!

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Homeschool Science Experiment

The girls love doing science experiments. Here, they’re making slime with glue and liquid starch.

Two girls doing a homeschool science experiment in the kitchen. Not So SAHM
Homeschool Science Experiment – ProjectEdit365 – 15 Jan

I turned the original into black and white . . . but head over to Project Edit 365 to see the original and how it changed. Thanks!

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Home Run!

Front-yard baseball – where bases are made out of frisbees and there are only three players so there really aren’t teams. Or else, it’s girls against Daddy. Our youngest has the ability, just like her dad, to pick up quickly any sport she tries. Here she’s knocking one out of the park!

Young girl swings and hits a softball with a soft bat. Not So SAHM
Home Run! – ProjectEdit365 – 14 Jan

The original had good light but still needed some adjustments done. Head over to Project Edit 365 to see the original and the edits I did. Thanks!

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Chalky Hands

The girls used to love to draw on the sidewalks with chalk. Colorful hands were a common occurrence. What is so interesting about this is that Ash, my youngest, doesn’t normally like to get her hands dirty. Here though, she was proud of her multi-colored artwork.

Young girl holds up hands with chalky fingers. Not So SAHM
Chalky Hands – ProjectEdit365 – 13 Jan

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Secret Woods

There’s a really cool park in Broward County called Secret Woods Nature Center. There are several walks through the woods and marsh with lots of cool flora and fauna. One of the paths leads out to the river where we were hoping to see manatees, which are “in season” right now to view.

We didn’t see any manatees, but we had great luck finding awesome trees like the one below to pose with.

Girl kneels in tree with cool, exposed roots. Not So SAHM
Secret Woods – ProjectEdit365 – 12 Jan


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Vintage Camera

I went to a meeting for creatives the other night and we met in a really cool showroom full of furniture and furnishings for rent. I spied a couple of vintage cameras and fell for the looks of this one. It’s a USC Auto Fifty. I know nothing about this type of camera other than what I read today quickly researching the name. I’m pretty sure the top lens is the viewfinder and the bottom lens captures the image. I also found out it was made in Japan, despite USC standing for United States Camera corp.

I have never seriously shot with film. I had a film camera growing up only because digital hadn’t been invented yet. But my camera was a point and shoot and I only knew how to point it and shoot it. It was nothing like the auto fifty below with multiple dials and levers.

I don’t think I’m going to get into shooting with film either, because I’m too cost conscious. I don’t know that I would ever take a picture! However, it would force me to study the light and surroundings so I could get the best SOOC shot that I could.

A vintage USC Auto Fifty camera. Not So SAHM
Vintage camera – Project Edit 365 – 11 Jan

I took the picture with my phone with Instagram in mind. Take a look over at Project Edit 365 to see the original and how I edited it. Thanks!

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