Biltmore Sisters

I would love it if my girls would enjoy being my photo subjects.

Like this one time when they didn’t mind posing for me on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate:

Two girls stand next to a brick wall on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC Not So SAHM

Biltmore Sisters – ProjectEdit365 – 04 June

This was another quick edit tonight. I really wanted to go black and white and be done with it, but I challenged myself to do some color adjusting, even though I couldn’t spend a lot of time on it. I like the curve of the brick behind them, but I cropped in to change the pic up a bit. I lowered the saturation but increased the vibrance. Lowered the clarity to give it a softer look. I moved the “tint” slider more to the pink side and then adjusted the individual orange and yellow colors just a tad to soften the colors. I used an adjustment brush on their eyes to sharpen them. I think that’s about it. The original:


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Wooded Bridge

A bridge in the woods

Paths leading places unknown

Serene wandering

A small, wooden bridge over a lake in the serene woods around Biltmore, Asheville NC NotSoSAHM

Wooded Bridge – ProjectEdit365 – 17 Apr

The bridge is on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate and it’s actually not too hard to find. What was hard was waiting for the moment with no people on it!

The original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Biltmore from the Lagoon

We visited what we like to call “our second home” in April of 2014.

Such a beautiful day at a beautiful house.

The back of the Biltmore mansion can be viewed from the Lagoon near the house in Asheville, NC NotSoSAHM

Biltmore from the Lagoon – ProjectEdit365 – 09 Apr

The original was dull and a little dim. I also cropped in a little to get rid of some branches in the water. Oh, and I cloned out the car.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Biltmore in late afternoon

Asheville, NC – Biltmore

Recently we visited the Biltmore house and Asheville, NC.


(no photography is allowed inside, unless you’re a rule breaker, and I saw a lot of those on Pinterest when I was looking for inspiration photos. . .) We spent over three hours touring the house. Even the girls enjoyed it!

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The grounds were GORGEOUS! Springtime is definitely a good time to visit (we still haven’t been during the holidays, which is supposed to be beautiful inside).


Now for Asheville: We’ve been through here twice now, and the main thing we do is eat. We’re never in town during the day to shop in any of the stores. The kids did NOT like the Asheville nightlife.

Hippies who haven’t showered in days. Performing in various downtown doorways, on street corners, and in the park square.

My nose was a little offended, but otherwise I considered everyone harmless. The girls, on the other hand, were pretty uneasy. It’s funny, because they didn’t express this much reserve when we visited NYC. Maybe they just didn’t verbalize it then. The Asheville pics were taken with my iPhone.
     Not So SAHM

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