Grave Star

In Columbia, SC, on the state house lawn, stands this old, old gravestone guarded by a wrought iron fence. The stone is for a revolutionary war soldier, Capt. Swanson Lunsford, who died in 1799. The larger stone you can read is surrounding the original stone which has become quite weathered. The star was the main focus in the original, butContinue reading “Grave Star”

Rocky Remix

Dads are just kids in adult bodies. Including challenging their kids to races up state capitol steps. Another iPhone photo so I had to reduce the noise quite even without sharpening it. Head over to ProjectEdit365 to see how different the original photo is!   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Rocky Remix”

Mexican/Japanese Fusion

Takosushi – interesting mix of Mexican and Japanese. Not a combo I would have thought to mix, but the logo works! (and the food was good) – Columbia, SC I took this with my iPhone in a square format, intending to post it on Instagram. The original was dark and the buildings were leaning. HeadContinue reading “Mexican/Japanese Fusion”

Beach Reflection

Little toes in sand Fascinated by it all Loving simple life The original was too blue for a fall sunset picture. I warmed it up a bit. I also lowered the clarity but used an adjustment brush on the reflection and the waves to increase their sharpness and clarity. I ended with a small vignette.Continue reading “Beach Reflection”

Charleston Custom House

Quick question: When you view my posts in the WordPress reader, do you see the final, edited pic, or do you see the original picture? When I look at the reader on my laptop, I see the edited picture. When I’m on my phone, I see the original. ********Thank you********* Charleston is a favorite. TheContinue reading “Charleston Custom House”

Roadschooling – First several days

The movers drove away and we packed up our vehicles with as much of our belongings as we needed/could. A three week trip requires certain things, that certainly shouldn’t take up all the space in two vehicles. We’d like to just take our suitcases, but there are things we don’t trust with the movers. So,Continue reading “Roadschooling – First several days”