Mini swamp

In Wilmington, NC there is a local park with a small swamp, in the city. No trekking to get to these waters. It’s not so ominous in the original picture. I cropped in and straightened the picture. The main adjustment was lowering the vibrancy to make it not so bright. I adjusted several of theContinue reading “Mini swamp”

Charleston Custom House

Quick question: When you view my posts in the WordPress reader, do you see the final, edited pic, or do you see the original picture? When I look at the reader on my laptop, I see the edited picture. When I’m on my phone, I see the original. ********Thank you********* Charleston is a favorite. TheContinue reading “Charleston Custom House”

Field Trip – Charleston – Boone Hall Plantation

(Image-heavy post. I apologize if it loads slowly!) Being that I want to do more “roadschooling”, and being that my good friend was going to be down in Charleston with her girls for spring break, it was a no brainer to pack up for a few days and head down there as well. I loveContinue reading “Field Trip – Charleston – Boone Hall Plantation”