She’s Crafty…Fall Edition

Each season has something to look forward to: Spring has Spring Cleaning, which I can’t say I’ve ever really looked forward to that. Winter has Christmas and all the holiday cheer. Summer has July 4th, cookouts and sun. Now Fall has something great to look forward to…other than the cooling temperatures, which I’m pretty happyContinue reading “She’s Crafty…Fall Edition”


Part of this vacation has been feeding my inner craftiness. I love crafts. My craft interests run wide and deep. Starting a business where I get to exercise my skillz for the babies isn’t enough. I’d love to try everything, if at least once. Enter my mother-in-law. She is crafty too and has a lot ofContinue reading “Craftastic!”

Further clothes making adventures

Seamstress Vicki strikes again! No blood and no broken needles. I think that’s a record. These are the first adult pants and top I’ve made. The pants zip on the left side of the waist. They fit at the waist but are roomy throughout the rest of the length. I can probably take them in. MyContinue reading “Further clothes making adventures”

Skirting the Issue

Clever title huh? Thought you were getting another controversial post from me, right? WRONG! You’re getting another little crafty post from me. The day after I finished my first dress–actually it was that same night–I decided I need a little more instant gratification and a boost of self-encouragement. So I constructed this: In my clevernessContinue reading “Skirting the Issue”

My first attempt at dressmaking…

MY FIRST ATTEMPT I have made clothes for myself before. Two skirts to be exact. One with an elastic waste and one with a zippered waist. Working with a quarter of the body is actually pretty easy. And skirts are pretty easy to make anyway. A dressmaker I am not…at least not yet. In a recent postContinue reading “My first attempt at dressmaking…”