Cherry blossoms and Chinese

The cherry blossom trees around D.C. were given by the city of Tokyo in 1912. Over 3,000 trees. They’re all in full bloom right now and today was the kick off of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Kite Festival was part of the day’s events and we headed there first.¬†Why we didn’t think toContinue reading “Cherry blossoms and Chinese”

Blessing in disguise

Snowpocolypse Snowmageddon SnOMG How about SNOVERKILL It started snowing Friday. It hasn’t snowed continually since then but it sure feels like it. The average snowfall for my area for the last snow was 26″. We’re expecting anywhere between 10″ and 20″ more. On Saturday the power was out for closer to 20 hours than 12Continue reading “Blessing in disguise”