My lunch was healthier than yours was…

um. yeah…sorry about that.

I am very excited though about how healthy it actually was. Lately lunch has been consisting of a few Vienna sausages shared with Ashlyn, some chips shared with Reagan. And, that’s about it. I munch off their plates while cleaning the kitchen, getting them more of whatever. I assume you’re holding me to a higher standard though since it is Accountability April and all.

So, this is what I made myself today:

Healthy Lunch

  • One BLTAC Sandwich (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and Muenster cheese sandwich with honey cranberry mustard)
  • Fresh strawberries and grapes
  • Fresh bell peppers with asiago peppercorn dressing
  • A french onion cheese wedge with wheat crackers
  • One heaping glass of milk (since I don’t get enough calcium either)

Total time to make: about 20 minutes. I was making the girls’ lunches as well. This is what I don’t like about eating healthy. It takes so much longer to prepare. I’m determined to keep it up though.

And now for dessert:

Edible Mural 

part of the edible mural Reagan made yesterday. More explanation to come later. I will not give up sweets totally while I’m trying to eat more healthy things. I don’t want to completely torture myself people.