Footprint in the dough. . .

I was making dumplings to go with some chicken and the dough was sitting out on the counter. Can you tell who had to check it out? Thankfully he doesn’t eat human food so he didn’t take anything…just left us evidence that he had been on the counter.

A paw print in the dumpling dough. Not So SAHM

Footprint – ProjectEdit365 – 17 Dec

The culprit:

Click over to ProjectEdit365 to see the culprit! I’ve moved my Project over to its own blog.

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Mexican/Japanese Fusion

Takosushi – interesting mix of Mexican and Japanese. Not a combo I would have thought to mix, but the logo works! (and the food was good) – Columbia, SC

A restaurant in Columbia, SC has a fusion of Mexican and Japanese. Not So SAHM

Mexican/Japanese Fusion – ProjectEdit365 – 12 Dec

I took this with my iPhone in a square format, intending to post it on Instagram. The original was dark and the buildings were leaning. Head on over to the blog I created just for my Project Edit 365 posts (I was running out of media space on this blog!). Project Edit 365

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Downhome Goodness

The best food, even if not the best for you, comes from hole-in-the-wall restaurants. BBQ is one of the best examples. This restaurant happens to be in Warner Robins, Ga, but good barbecue in hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be found all over America.

Fincher's Barbecue in Warner Robins, Georgia. Not So SAHM

Downhome Goodness – ProjectEdit365 – 08 Dec

This is a clean restaurant, just a small, old one.

I didn’t edit the original much but wanted to make it look a little vintage. I decreased the exposure, highlights, exposure, and saturation. I increased the contrast, clarity, and whites. I then added some grain and a little bit of vignette. Here’s the original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Fair Food & Fun

There’s a lot going on in the picture (including plenty of food booths) except for one thing. Where are all the people?!

I’m actually happy about that. Fairs are usually full of people, and sometimes that’s not a fun thing. . .

Food booths and rides at the county fair. Not So SAHM

Fair Fun & Food – ProjectEdit365 – 02 Sep

I straightened the original, lowered the contrast, increased the clarity and vibrance. I shifted the tint towards magenta and then adjusted some of the individual colors to get the look I wanted. The original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Weird Food Combinations

There are certain combinations of foods & foods and drink that just go together. Like a match made in heaven you almost can’t have one without the other.

Case in point: popcorn and Raisinettes (or M&Ms, preferably peanut). The sweet and salty mix is a combination that God Himself must sit down to enjoy every Sabbath.

Another example: anything grilled with a beer. That charbroiled flavor couldn’t be washed down by anything better than a nice cold one. There must be something about that wheat-ish flavor that smooths any harsh burnt taste from the grill.

Here’s where I get a little weird interesting though. One of my faves, that I can remember liking even as a kid, is cheese and. . .coke. I know! Really, don’t knock it before you try it though. I’m sitting here eating brie because I’m wanting to be all healthy and stuff (please don’t tell me brie isn’t healthy for me. It’s a lot better than cheese curlz) and I get this overwhelming urge to sip on some coke. I guess the intriguing mix here would be, what, culture and white trash? Both meeting up knowing it’s wrong but it tastes oh so right? I’m hoping it’s more like the smoothness and slight brininess of the cheese begs for a complement of carbonation and sweetness.

My love of cheese and coke began as a girl. I must have been snack hungry, searching through the fridge and saw the sliced cheese. Noting that there wasn’t anything more convenient at the moment I unwrapped a slice and began noshing. Then I must have taken a sip of the ever present coke and the weird interesting combination began. I can recall certain moments in my life when I’m grabbing for that sliced cheese and realize that the snack would not be complete without the coke. I can actually remember those times.

My tastes are changing slightly. I’ve upgraded from sliced cheese to brie, although in a pinch I know the slices are always there…never getting old or molding or anything like cheese really should. You can’t upgrade from Coke though. I’ve reached the pinnacle with that soft drink.

Anyway, I digress…So what are your weird food combinations that you secretly enjoy? And don’t tell me you don’t have any. Liar. Go ahead, spill your guts here. I may even try it and let you know what I think. Provided it’s not monkey brains boiled in milk or something like that. If it is I will require you to submit a video showing yourself eating it. And try my cheese and coke. I bet you’ll like it.

My lunch was healthier than yours was…

um. yeah…sorry about that.

I am very excited though about how healthy it actually was. Lately lunch has been consisting of a few Vienna sausages shared with Ashlyn, some chips shared with Reagan. And, that’s about it. I munch off their plates while cleaning the kitchen, getting them more of whatever. I assume you’re holding me to a higher standard though since it is Accountability April and all.

So, this is what I made myself today:

Healthy Lunch

  • One BLTAC Sandwich (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and Muenster cheese sandwich with honey cranberry mustard)
  • Fresh strawberries and grapes
  • Fresh bell peppers with asiago peppercorn dressing
  • A french onion cheese wedge with wheat crackers
  • One heaping glass of milk (since I don’t get enough calcium either)

Total time to make: about 20 minutes. I was making the girls’ lunches as well. This is what I don’t like about eating healthy. It takes so much longer to prepare. I’m determined to keep it up though.

And now for dessert:

Edible Mural 

part of the edible mural Reagan made yesterday. More explanation to come later. I will not give up sweets totally while I’m trying to eat more healthy things. I don’t want to completely torture myself people.