Footprint in the dough. . .

I was making dumplings to go with some chicken and the dough was sitting out on the counter. Can you tell who had to check it out? Thankfully he doesn’t eat human food so he didn’t take anything…just left us evidence that he had been on the counter. The culprit: Click over to ProjectEdit365 to see theContinue reading “Footprint in the dough. . .”

Mexican/Japanese Fusion

Takosushi – interesting mix of Mexican and Japanese. Not a combo I would have thought to mix, but the logo works! (and the food was good) – Columbia, SC I took this with my iPhone in a square format, intending to post it on Instagram. The original was dark and the buildings were leaning. HeadContinue reading “Mexican/Japanese Fusion”

Downhome Goodness

The best food, even if not the best for you, comes from hole-in-the-wall restaurants. BBQ is one of the best examples. This restaurant happens to be in Warner Robins, Ga, but good barbecue in hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be found all over America. This is a clean restaurant, just a small, old one. I didn’t edit theContinue reading “Downhome Goodness”

Fair Food & Fun

There’s a lot going on in the picture (including plenty of food booths) except for one thing. Where are all the people?! I’m actually happy about that. Fairs are usually full of people, and sometimes that’s not a fun thing. . . I straightened the original, lowered the contrast, increased the clarity and vibrance. IContinue reading “Fair Food & Fun”

Weird Food Combinations

There are certain combinations of foods & foods and drink that just go together. Like a match made in heaven you almost can’t have one without the other. Case in point: popcorn and Raisinettes (or M&Ms, preferably peanut). The sweet and salty mix is a combination that God Himself must sit down to enjoy every Sabbath. Another example: anythingContinue reading “Weird Food Combinations”

My lunch was healthier than yours was…

um. yeah…sorry about that. I am very excited though about how healthy it actually was. Lately lunch has been consisting of a few Vienna sausages shared with Ashlyn, some chips shared with Reagan. And, that’s about it. I munch off their plates while cleaning the kitchen, getting them more of whatever. I assume you’re holdingContinue reading “My lunch was healthier than yours was…”