A Bright Day

It *was* a bright day at the beach. Then this woman came out and set up her umbrella and it got even brighter. I want one. This was an edit full of cloning out things: people, trash cans, a water tower, random stuff on the sand. I cloned no less than seven things out. IContinue reading “A Bright Day”

Beach morning

The Gulf Coast – some of the best beaches in the world. I got a beach picture with no one in it because I was out pretty early in the morning. You can tell that because my ISO is so high it made the picture grainy. But, this editing challenge isn’t about using the perfectContinue reading “Beach morning”

Object lesson – beach

Even with protests from one who would prefer to stay home, I packed a quick lunch of finger foods, grabbed my camera and a blanket, and ushered my two students out the door. We read something last week that I have been ruminating on and I wanted to share that bigness with the girls. It takes allContinue reading “Object lesson – beach”