Fresh Fruit

Back in Hawaii – near Waikiki there is a small farmers’ market with fresh fruit. There’s a lot going on in the picture, which is all great (everybody is doing their own thing), but I wanted to focus on the man chopping the coconut. So I found a preset to use and then adjusted itContinue reading “Fresh Fruit”

Waikiki Moonrise

Aloha, Waikiki! There wasn’t much to do – just intensify the colors and provide a little more contrast. I increased the contrast and clarity, vibrance and saturation. I had to decrease the noise quite a bit because I think I took this with my phone. I did a mixture of adjusting the highlights, shadows, blacks,Continue reading “Waikiki Moonrise”

Let’s go surfin’ now. . .

Everybody’s learning how. . . in Waikiki I wanted a touch of a vintage look. I picked a preset that I liked and tried to mimic it, instead of using it. I cropped in a little and healed out the falling, yellow leaf in front of one of the boards. I warmed the temp andContinue reading “Let’s go surfin’ now. . .”

Hawaii (to warm our winter bones)

Unless you’re located south of the Equator you’re probably getting sick of the cold. It can’t be just me. Wanting to strangle poor Punxsutawney Phil made me realize that I needed a boost of Vitamin D and some temps above 60. If you’ve been feeling the same way then these pics are for you. WeContinue reading “Hawaii (to warm our winter bones)”