Donkey’s Cross

Did you know there is a legend that explains the cross on the backs of donkeys? A donkey carried Christ into Jerusalem during the Passion, and since then donkeys have had crosses on their backs. The white one’s cute too, but I love the contrast of colors on the other two. The original photo wasContinue reading “Donkey’s Cross”

Pastel Farm

So, even though we were in the sweet golden hour while at this farm for some fall fun, I really loved the pastel color of the sky. So I ran with it. Dreamy. The original was kind of cool, but not really anything – mainly white. So I increased the contrast, vibrance, and saturation. IContinue reading “Pastel Farm”

Fall Cutie

The golden hour during fall is magical. So is this cutie’s smile. I had to lighten up the darkness to see the sparkle in her eye. I also used an adjustment brush on her eyes to sharpen and lighten them. Here’s the original: ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  Continue reading “Fall Cutie”

Harper’s Ferry

Harper’s Ferry is a great little town to tour if you’re in the corner of VA and WV. Beautiful in the fall and always full of history! The original photo was too yellow/orange. I decreased the vibrance, saturation, and clarity; and increased the contrast and lightened the shadows. I used an adjustment brush to sharpenContinue reading “Harper’s Ferry”

Morning Exploration

Crisp autumn morning Exploring with the current We’ll go everywhere I enjoy writing haikus. The only thing I know about them is 5-7-5, so forgive me if they’re not following any other standards. The original photograph was dark so I lightened it and increased the saturation. I decreased the contrast, but then added some backContinue reading “Morning Exploration”

Bernie in a Boat

Y’all, the man on the left hand side of the photo looks like Bernie Sanders. He’s floating down the Potomac just like his dreams of becoming president. . . Presets are great when you know the look you’re wanting and you know you have a preset already that can get you there without having toContinue reading “Bernie in a Boat”