That’s My Story And I’m Stickin’ To It

Welcome to another edition of Story Time: Interactive Style. I think I need to explain the directions a little more clearly (I must have slow readers).

  1. I post a picture
  2. You look at the picture
  3. You think of funny/endearing/special/but mostly funny storyline to go with the picture
  4. You leave a comment with that story. Don’t know how to do this? At the end of the post you will see a nifty little white box that you can type in! What will they think of next? If you’re reading this from the main page of the blog then you’ll see little words at the bottom of the post that say “No Comments” or “2 Comments” or “53 Comments” (a girl can dream). Click on those words, it’s an actual working link that will take you to that little white box.
  5. You feel wonderful for making me feel wonderful
  6. We both have a really good day!

Ok, do you feel like you can do it now? Good! Here is this week’s picture. After it I will explain the actual situations of the last two weeks of pictures.

What in the world!?!? Tell me, what is going on?

Now, for the first Story Time I posted this picture. Loved all of the comments (but Leigh Anne, there was no story! Whatup?) Your fictional accounts were actually much better than what was happening. I was at a meeting with the “ladies who lunch” as I call them. They’re all great and that’s not a derogatory title. We were having a luau (obviously) and getting our limbo on. What was up for grabs for the person who could go the lowest? A gift certificate to the one, the only Euphoria Spa and Salon. In that small town it was a source of big city pampering. I was determined to win. Now, my husband can attest to the fact that when there’s a public contest with any kind of prize whatsoever involved, I will be the most competitive female out there. Maybe one time I’ll tell you the story of busting my butt in front of God and all of Du’s “office” members during a scavenger hunt-turned-musical chairs Christmas event. And I wasn’t even having a good hair night.

Of course, I won the luau. You didn’t doubt did you? And I used that gift certificate for a nice massage to unwind me from the amazing twist I got my spine into.

NUMBER TWO: I posted this picture. Dandelionmom, you get a special prize for having commented on both stories. And for having me almost wet my pants reading your versions. Please continue. We were visiting the grandparents in Arkansas. We went on a little sight seeing adventure down the Buffalo River. We were hoping to see some elk grazing along the banks. Didn’t see that, but we did spy these two horses being kept in a pasture by the river. After skipping rocks, jumping from rock to rock across the river, and almost falling in, we headed over to the horses for a simple petting. We were planning on petting them. You see, in the winter in Arkansas the grass turns the exact color as Reagan’s hair. And apparently horses think hay moves around on top of human heads. Reagan grabbed a bunch of grass up and lifted it up for the horse to indulge. This worked wonderfully the first time. So she goes in for round two. This is when Mr. Ed decided to nibble on the living hay. He realized it didn’t taste as good and Reagan was no worse for the wear. She did have to take a bath when we got home. She loved the experience and this only made her love horses even more.

So, now, get to commenting peeps!

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8 thoughts on “That’s My Story And I’m Stickin’ To It

  1. Title for picture should be: What happens at the grandparents, stays at the grandparents.

    But I must say, I ADORE the smile in the picture, she looks like she is happier than a pig in mud!!

  2. Ashlyn is clearly a creative child, having inherited her mother’s multi-tasking gene. Here, she demonstrates the fine art of mud-dyeing. It’s kind of like tea-staining and tie-dyeing combined, only using mud.

    And you can’t imagine the spa-like effects it has on one’s skin. It’s a veritable Fountain of Youth. (Ashlyn is actually 37, but you’d never know it!)

    But that’s not all she’s doing. No sir! She’s contemplating the Martha Stewart touch: While you’re still basking in the glow of an all-body spa treatment, and sporting those lovely new mud-dyed duds, you can also DECORATE YOUR ROOM!

    Just stand in a corner and roll yourself along the surface of the wall while still standing. Step away. Allow to dry. Voila — a whole new room décor!

    Ah, it’s all in a day’s work for Ashlyn!

  3. Let’s have a look at our newly-drying natural-effect freshly-poured mockrete patio (only 79.99/square ft at a dealer near you) What do we have here? No mere handprint or teeny footprint for this girl! no sir! Ashlyn once again gives it her ALL! Please join us again, later today as we contemplate the duplicate print on the couch! This girls moxy and spunk and no-holds-barred ,grab-it-all attitude for life is going to take her far (plus she’s mighty sweet-esp sleeping 😀 )

  4. I would love to play along on this one but it wouldn’t exactly be fair!

    We are looking forward to being able to hang out with you guys this next year since your so much closer!

  5. She is the new mascot for spray n’ wash! I can’t believe you got her into commercials at such a young age! What a way to pay for her ASC education! (It will cost that much by the time she gets there, so keep up the good work.)

  6. danny woke up confused by the pigtails and the mud. it took some time, chocolate milk, and an episode of sesame street before he could make out the hazy details of the night before. in retrospect, maybe he should have stopped after the third juice box. he decided that he’d just be grateful that there were no naughty words sharpied onto his face and move on.

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