She’s Crafty…Fall Edition

Each season has something to look forward to:

Spring has Spring Cleaning, which I can’t say I’ve ever really looked forward to that.
Winter has Christmas and all the holiday cheer.
Summer has July 4th, cookouts and sun.

Now Fall has something great to look forward to…other than the cooling temperatures, which I’m pretty happy about (and I’ve already started shopping for Fall clothes so when’s the temp going to drop around here already!):


Tiffany showed us how to make some really cute pumpkins. These are my versions:

Mini Preppies
Miss Preppy
Plaid and goldish


Gold and plaidish
Gold and plaidish
Joined my Miss Brown
Joined my Miss Brown
Reagan's design
Reagan designed this one

Went a little crazy no? I think they’re so cute. I’ve got to find a way to accent the ones outside my front door. I’m thinking bales of hay…but that may get a little too cuntrified juxtaposed with the preppy bows…


And, I can’t wait to make these magnet boards Julie showed us.

These are Julie's trays, make no mistake
These are from Julie

I’ve asked her probably too many questions about the craft and she’s given me hints and tricks.
I’ve got the:

  • paint
  • sealer
  • paper
  • little clear pebbles to make the magnets

I just need:

  • the cookie sheets (I have to find a dollar store around here)
  • the magnet sheets


This Fall has energized my creativity. I can’t wait to do more. Oh, one more (I know). I made this Operating Room hat for my cousin:

Reagan models the hat
Reagan models the hat

It kind of makes me want to become an OR nurse…or convince Reagan to become one.

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

10 thoughts on “She’s Crafty…Fall Edition

  1. Your pumpkins turned out cute… love the gold & plaid ones. I did a few as well… going to give them to my girls’ teachers.

    I may just have to try the magnet board… I have a cookie sheet that is showing its age. So what better way to use it than a cute message board, right?

  2. Oh my gosh…these are all so cute!! What a cool hat you made – you’ve got talent girl!! I’m thinkin’ I really need to make some of those magnet boards!! Now…to find a dollar store in Korea…hmmmm….

  3. Thanks for the shout out… I am amazed how many people like the magnet board! Ha ha… of course I love it and think it is great, but amazed that others do too. When you make it, make sure you post and tell me about it.

    The magnets are super easy and fun too!

  4. I want to craft so bad this fall season! I get Martha Stewart’s Living and sadly I always find her crafts too intimidating…but I finally found one I feel I can do! It’s lunch bags with fall leaves misted onto them so I can put on our walkway for Halloween night!

  5. Your pumpkins are way fabulous. As is Reagan’s OR cap. Your cousin’s cap, that is. And I told Julie that she could slap a hefty price tag on those trays and someone over here (the US, I mean!) would buy ’em up. ‘Cause they are beautiful!

    So…tomorrow’s post…please don’t kill me. It’s Flashback Friday and that’s all I’m gonna say.

    Please don’t kill me.

  6. Looks like fun I love decorating for fall, It’s too hot here yet to get in the mood, (about 88 today) but it’s going to cool off this weekend, so maybe I will break out the fall stuff, It is my favorite time of year!!!!!

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