Vote Early, Vote Often

Oh, woops. That’s ACORN’s slogan. Ours is We’re Making Politics Fun Again!

And boy did we whoop it up again last night! Only this time we didn’t host the shindig. That means no clean up!

I am happy to report that your humble correspondent again WON the political bingo. What…were the other contestants asleep? Was I the only one paying attention? With all that titillating discussion I’m not sure why there was drool sliding down several chins and snores every now and then. Right, huh!

Alas, no knock-down-drag-out. Nothing special at all. I could have debated for either candidate. Not that I would have.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the last debate of this political season.

  • My new favorite word is cockamamie! Say it. Isn’t it just fun to say? Grammar Girl says that words with a k (or k sound) in them are just funnier. I must agree. I will now use cockamamie every chance I can.
  • I am suspicious of Joe Plumber’s instant fame. Just how did his popularity usurp that of Joe Sixpack’s? Why are we pandering to plumbers now instead of sixpacks? That’s just cockamamie. Just think of what you’re getting with each. With Joe Plumber you’re getting plumber’s crack. With Joe Sixpack you’re guaranteed a sixpack, whether it be of your favorite beverage or a rock -hard chest.
  • I’m convinced they had the candidates sitting this time so McCain would stay out of the camera’s way.
  • Did you notice the color choice of each candidates’ wife’s dress? Not subtle at all. The only thing more coordinated are mother dresses in weddings. My favorite is still a nice skirt suit with awesomely beautiful red heels.
  • Of course there were the immediate opinion polls after the debate. How can a certain network I was watching (not my normal network) obtain a valid sampling of people so soon after the debate finished? They have the same accuracy as those stupid exit polls that the media uses to try to influence everyone outside the Eastern Time Zone.

So I’m going to host my own poll. Get out the vote people!

You are all cordially invited to our next political party:

Our Election Night Shindig!
This cockamamie party won’t end until every cockamamie vote has been counted!

Please show up as soon as you finish voting. Also, please bring several changes of clothing and your own food to share. We’ll be living communal style for a while as we don’t expect this think to be decided until on or about 19 January 2009. It’s all about spreading the wealth!

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

17 thoughts on “Vote Early, Vote Often

  1. I heard Joe Plumber’s “talk” with Obama this morning, and I was quite impressed. With Joe. He stuck to his guns and did mot let Obama smooth talk him…GO JOE!

    And I love your political posts : )

  2. OK–I’ll be there! But I ain’t bunkin wit no JOE Nobody!! I’ll bring GreenOlivePizza (get it?)and plenty of sweet tea with sugarMcain!!!!–

    You are SUCH a MAVERICK to attack these issues as a mommyblogger!

  3. This is a great post! Some of the words they use are not very presidential are they? What about the ‘which way do I go to get out from behind this desk?’ move?

    How fun to read about them at the fundraiser last night! That was refreshing from the potlitcal drama.

  4. I’ve loved hearing the media go overboard on figuring out Joe the Plumber. Joe doesn’t have a license, Joe doesn’t need a license, no, Joe does need a license, Joe isn’t a plumber at all, Joe isn’t even registered to vote…

  5. I have to say – it’s definitely refreshing to read humorous political posts. While I do enjoy listening to everyone get fired up about their political views – it’s stating to exhaust me. I’m ready for election day!

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