Roadschooling – First several days

South of the Border

The movers drove away and we packed up our vehicles with as much of our belongings as we needed/could. A three week trip requires certain things, that certainly shouldn’t take up all the space in two vehicles. We’d like to just take our suitcases, but there are things we don’t trust with the movers. So, we made sure there was enough space for the kids and off we went.

packing up the cars
packing up the cars
packing up the cars
it all fit!
Where's Waldo is here to help us move
Where’s Waldo helps us say goodbye to North Carolina

We drove from North Carolina to South Carolina and stopped for the night to visit family.

South of the Border
South of the Border is a good old stand by when you’re traveling between the Carolinas.
Where's Waldo helps us say goodbye to NC!
Where’s Waldo helps us say goodbye to NC!

We left the next morning and drove to Atlanta to visit friends. As we drove through each state, the girls were finding out and filling in the answers to their state pages. We stopped at the visitor’s center as we entered Georgia and the girls asked the people working there for some of the answers.

Entering GA sign
Welcome to GA!
Map of Georgia
Georgia On My Mind

We didn’t do any touristy stuff during these days. They were more for visiting. The touristy stuff is coming up soon! . . .

Ga Tech road sign
Old stomping grounds
Coca Cola sign
Coca Cola and Atlanta–mmmm


King and Queen buildings in Atlanta
King and Queen in Atlanta

Thanks for traveling a little bit with us!




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