Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap

So far – 9 days over 1500 miles (x2 vehicles) 8 states lots of friends and family 0 speeding tickets 0 major fights 2 or 3 things left behind or lost 4 head colds 1 starfish (or sea star as they are now called, but I’m old school so it’s still a starfish to me)Continue reading “Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap”

Roadschooling – First several days

The movers drove away and we packed up our vehicles with as much of our belongings as we needed/could. A three week trip requires certain things, that certainly shouldn’t take up all the space in two vehicles. We’d like to just take our suitcases, but there are things we don’t trust with the movers. So,Continue reading “Roadschooling – First several days”

Overcoming: the Movers and the Stuff

They can beat me down and win the battle, but I’ll win the war. I hope. My first step in putting all this moving craziness and the crazy movers behind me was to tackle the play room. I did this yesterday and am pleased with the results so far. BEFORE:   AFTER:   Our lovelyContinue reading “Overcoming: the Movers and the Stuff”

Notes on a Move, all in V-minor

I miss my random blog posts. Twitter has stolen them. I think I might stop Twittering. I tried to remember various things from the move. Here goes. Random style. Ashlyn pulled out my monthly stuff, you know, pads, and took them to someone. I can’t even remember who now. Embarrassing all the same. I loveContinue reading “Notes on a Move, all in V-minor”