A couple more newbies

I just have to say the three of you who still read this blog did NOT comment on my clever use of literary witticism the other day! 10-word sentences! There’s another fashion blog I just started following. I appreciate her sense of style and creativity and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it theContinue reading “A couple more newbies”

I went to NYC and all I got was…

NOT a lousy t-shirt! A friend and I headed up to NYC for the day this past weekend (for $24, I know!). She lived in the city for a while so we knew exactly where to go and how to get there. We headed down to SoHo to do some shopping. It was such aContinue reading “I went to NYC and all I got was…”

14 years = underwear

Today my beloved betrothed and I have been bound in wedded bliss for fourteen years. Aww, that’s sweet, but not sassy. I like my anniversary card to him better: We’re a good team. You’re the one who approaches challenges head on… And I’m the one hanging back, admiring your butt. Yes, thank you, Hallmark forContinue reading “14 years = underwear”

Monsters and snot

So, the girls and I are in a checkout line at the dinky little store on b@se. I’m already on edge because… just going near this place gets me that way the parking lot is so full people are drive-stalking shoppers as they exit heading towards their cars we got 2 feet of snow dumpedContinue reading “Monsters and snot”

My boots were stolen

When something’s stolen from you, right off your feet practically, there’s only one thing to do. Go shopping. I was notified of an amazing sale on 6pm.com the other day. The RSVP brand was going to list all of their shoes at $6.95 precisely at midnight. It was only 10:30 at the time so IContinue reading “My boots were stolen”