Two Birds, One Stone

I’ve been raking in the awards lately. It’s high time I start passing them along. And apparently Jaci thinks I’m too busy to post a meme. I have y’all so totally fooled. I’m not busy homeschooling or cleaning or playing with a toddler or running a business (wait, I’m really not running a business anymore…I’mContinue reading “Two Birds, One Stone”

Il Mio Primo Premio Italiano

Per me?!? (Blushing). My friend Toni, over at A Daily Dose of Toni (AKA Just Stop Screaming), and 2 Boys 1 Princess, and MomDot passed on a premio to me because my weblog is brillante! Grazie mille!!! Desidero ringraziare il mio cervello per essere venuti fino a brillante contenuti. (Google Translate) I’ la d gradice ringraziare il mio cervello per fornireContinue reading “Il Mio Primo Premio Italiano”

“E”xtremely “E”xcited that I’m “E”xcellent!

WOOHOO!! It’s happened again! Not So SAHM has been recognized for it’s amazing and overachieving contributions to the bloggy world. Whatever. Overachieving?  No…but “E”xcellent? Yes. This D*mn House has deemed my blog Excellent, before my 15 minutes seconds of fame on local tv. I’m humbly grateful for this honor. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Continue reading ““E”xtremely “E”xcited that I’m “E”xcellent!”

I’d Like To Thank The Academy

…or Jaci (at Ravings of a Mad Housewife) as she’s known in my circle. I CAN’T BELIEVE I WON!!! I’ve never won an award before! Well, there was that time I got first place in the crab walk. But that was during, like, the fifth grade field day. So, ahem, I’d like to thank myContinue reading “I’d Like To Thank The Academy”