M is for mnemonic and other lofty words

I asked for it. Kelly and Danyelle, sisters, both took the challenge on their blogs and I wanted in. The task: list 10 things that you like that begin with a certain letter. I was tagged with M…by both of them. Collaboration? Sister telepathy? And since they both chose M I will not take the easy way out. I’m going forContinue reading “M is for mnemonic and other lofty words”

Two Birds, One Stone

I’ve been raking in the awards lately. It’s high time I start passing them along. And apparently Jaci thinks I’m too busy to post a meme. I have y’all so totally fooled. I’m not busy homeschooling or cleaning or playing with a toddler or running a business (wait, I’m really not running a business anymore…I’mContinue reading “Two Birds, One Stone”