Washing away

After her first Nutcracker recital, she came home and washed the night’s makeup off her face. An 8-year old standing in the bathroom, but I’m sure if I had looked in the mirror I would have seen a teenager. Washing away the years. The original had a lot going on around the edges. I croppedContinue reading “Washing away”

Somewhat Selfie

Moms are rarely in family pics because they’re behind the camera. Every once in a while I’ll set the camera up on a tripod and try to get some shots with me in the frame. This was taken in 2011 –¬†we all look so much younger! And editing definitely helps with skin tone! I croppedContinue reading “Somewhat Selfie”

Feeding the Muscovies

We have ducks living at our lake in our neighborhood. And, of course, we have become one of many welfare providers for them. My girls even looked up the proper food for ducks. They are Muscovy ducks. They’re not pretty at all, but very tame (they know what they have to do to maintain aContinue reading “Feeding the Muscovies”

Hockey action

We love watching sports live! There’s something about being in the mix with the players, the fans, the action, the food, the thrill. Even minor league games (which are so much cheaper!). Here we’re rooting for the Fayetteville Fire Antz. The original was flat and a little dark. I cropped in to put the focusContinue reading “Hockey action”

Bohemian Dreamer

I went shooting with a couple photographers from the Miami area and my girls stood in as the models. I shot with a 50mm lens – I’m used to having my 17-55 and zooming whenever I need so this was a challenge to frame properly. In most of the pictures a body part is choppedContinue reading “Bohemian Dreamer”

Back at the fair

Candy colored everything – it’s what the fair is all about. The original was a little dark, and after adjusting several aspects I decided that a preset would finish it off beautifully. I try not to use presets all the time, because I want to make sure I can do adjustments myself. But sometimes they’reContinue reading “Back at the fair”