Day 7 – Down Day & Arabian Nights

Today we took a day off. We slept in as late as Ashlyn would let us and lounged around until about 1pm. Du was productive and actually ran around the neighborhood. Well, I was productive too. I did laundry, ran the dishwasher and picked up around the house. No pool heat yet, so unfortunately weContinue reading “Day 7 – Down Day & Arabian Nights”

Day 6 – Holy Land Experience (and Happy Birthday to me)

Yet another surprise for Reagan this morning. She still believes that we’re leaving the house in the morning to “go exploring”. Oh, the innocence of a child. Jeeves (our nav system with a male British voice…and yes, we brought him on the trip with us. No need for our marriage to end on vacation isContinue reading “Day 6 – Holy Land Experience (and Happy Birthday to me)”

Day 5 – Sea World

Reagan’s first “surprise” on the trip came today. We told her that since the shuttle launched as scheduled we’ve got a couple days left with nothing planned. W’d get up and just drive around and plore the area. When we got to the intersection of Sea World she saw the sign and read it. (It’sContinue reading “Day 5 – Sea World”

Day 4 – Launch of Atlantis

We woke up with a 70% chance that the shuttle WOULD NOT launch. They did fill the tanks with fuel and continue with the necessary preparations, but the weather wasn’t looking very promising. We kept our hopes up, did our research, found out where the best viewing was in Titusville, and headed out that way.Continue reading “Day 4 – Launch of Atlantis”

Day 3 – Spaced Out

Thank you, Du, for again diming me out in the comment section of the previous post.  Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast! The day can begin! We left St. Augustine and headed down to Titusville to visit the Kennedy Space Center. Here is the Vehicle Assembly Building from the bridge going to Merritt Island and the KSC.Continue reading “Day 3 – Spaced Out”

Day 2 – New Experiences, Old Friends

First and foremost, thanks to my lovely husband for guest posting in the comment section of the last post. He’s an outstanding guy and always ready to set the record straight, lol.  I forgot to let you know what kind of classy establishment we’re staying in. (Click on any of the pics to see them full size) They have theContinue reading “Day 2 – New Experiences, Old Friends”