Day 1 – We Have One of Those Kids

We all know that even though children may come from the same womb, have the same parents, same looks, same upbringing, etc…they will have different personalities. Flying with Reagan for her first flight (at 8 months) was actually a joy. We were worried at first, but she proved to be a very easygoing passenger. SheContinue reading “Day 1 – We Have One of Those Kids”

(Creative) topographical map of Israel

  BEHOLD! Israel through the eyes of a 5, almost 6, year old. In Tapestry of Grace we go through history chronologically. Starting at creation we take four years to get to the current times. Right now we are studying King David and Israel during his reign. TOG has a lot of hands-on projects; saltContinue reading “(Creative) topographical map of Israel”

What a weekend (it includes a fight)!

We had a fairly eventful weekend and a good time as a family. Friday night our neighbors came over for our weekly installment of the Jeeves & Wooster series.   Can I say this is one of the greatest tv series ever put on tv? Cause it is. It’s clean, it’s funny, it’s British humor (whichContinue reading “What a weekend (it includes a fight)!”

Bowling by numbers

4 — lane number 2.48 — speed (in miles per hour) of Reagan’s ball 0 — gutter balls (this would be awesome, except for the fact that we were bowling with gutter guards…they saved us all) 9 — Reagan’s shoe size (the smallest they carry…and she used the lightest ball they offer. How cute) 1Continue reading “Bowling by numbers”