Open Letter to the Voice Prompt Systems

Dear creator of the Voice Prompted Automated Phone System (VPAPS): I sit here to write this letter almost speechless, and you did this to me. There’s a phenomenon taking over the answering services of America and I find it highly discriminatory. Not only are we denied live people to talk to, we’re also denied theContinue reading “Open Letter to the Voice Prompt Systems”

Open Letter To The Meat Lockers

I hate being cold. I’d much rather be hot than cold. It has been hot as an oven down here and I haven’t minded a bit. In fact the heat is what is saving my life. This is what is prompting my: OPEN LETTER TO THE MEAT LOCKERS (OTHERWISE KNOWN AS STORES AND RESTAURANTS) DearContinue reading “Open Letter To The Meat Lockers”

Open Letter to The Junk Mail Senders

I’m beginning to realize I love open letters. They let me get a lot off my chest. But they don’t seem to be positive do they? I’ll have to work on that.   NV of This D*mn House posted about Junk Mail and it made me think about how everyone I know is inundated with theContinue reading “Open Letter to The Junk Mail Senders”

Blog Settings and Feed Readers

Otherwise entitled: Should You Have Your Setting Set To Show Only A “Teaser” Amount Of Your Post In An Aggregator So People Will Be Forced To Go To Your Blog To Read The Rest? (But that was way too long for the real title). Open letter to all you bloggers out there. Especially to the bloggers thatContinue reading “Blog Settings and Feed Readers”

California makes it illegal to homeschool

OPEN LETTER TO THE CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEALS Who on GOD‘s green earth do you think you are to take away my right to teach my children at home? Since when have you become better at knowing what is best for them to learn than me? As a homeschooler I already have to jump throughContinue reading “California makes it illegal to homeschool”