Hi, I’m Vicki, and I’m a…

couponer. I spent around $35 at Harris Teeter today and got a boatload of stuff. My receipt said my coupon savings were around $80. I almost choked when I read that. Not sure if that’s totally right, I haven’t personally done the math but still, $35 for all this: At Walgreens the other day IContinue reading “Hi, I’m Vicki, and I’m a…”

The one with the persistent B.O.

We saw the insides of six houses today. And of the ones that were not already vacant exactly one of those were show worthy. Three of them were dirty and one was foul beyond measure. Tenants, do you really live in that filth? Are you that inconsiderate of your landlords? We couldn’t believe how dirty and messyContinue reading “The one with the persistent B.O.”

Strawberry Fields

Friday the girls and I went strawberry picking! Organic, home-grown, sweet, juicy strawberries. We picked for a while before our basket was full. What am I saying? I picked for a while; the girls picked for about five minutes and then decided they just wanted to supervise. My prize pick: That’s odd. They swear toContinue reading “Strawberry Fields”

Fly Lady redux

My Fly Lady post created a bit of a stir. I’ve decided to share my personal schedules/lists so you can see exactly what my goals are. These are PDF files. Click on the title to view the page. Daily Chore Checklist 09 This is the cleaning that I’d like to get done everyday. Really, none of it shouldContinue reading “Fly Lady redux”