Movies the way I like them – Free

We all know I’m a bargain hunter. I recently lamented that Netflix was changing its pricing structure to charge more for their movies. I’ve become unimpressed with the movies they offer anyway. Enter Blockbuster Express. Benefits There’s a kiosk very close to my house, which means (almost) instant gratification. It seems that there are newerContinue reading “Movies the way I like them – Free”

There’s a stench in the air

You know that each house has its own smell. You can’t smell your own house’s smell because you’re in it so much. I think the closest you can get to being able to smell your own house is to go on vacation for a long time and do laundry so your clothes don’t have yourContinue reading “There’s a stench in the air”

Sigh, Netfilx…or, yep, I’m crazy frugal

Unless you’ve been under a rock or just don’t “do” entertainment you’ve either gotten a notice from Netflix or heard the chatter about Netflix going all crazy with their pricing. Those are my words. I doubt Netflix would see it the same. If anyone is cheap frugal, it’s me, and I’m all for getting somethingContinue reading “Sigh, Netfilx…or, yep, I’m crazy frugal”

Bounty out o’ the oven…aka I baked bread!

While attempting to eat healthier and eliminate gross amounts of preservatives and refined foods from our diet I started looking at the nutritional information on packaging. It is well known that my husband has long cared more for what’s in our food than I have. Me looking at the back of packages at the groceryContinue reading “Bounty out o’ the oven…aka I baked bread!”

The kids have gone cra cra

As a parent it becomes your duty to force your kids to help clean up around the house. Chores, whether paid or not, are doled out to the kids like unsuspected torture and the noises that come from their little pie holes make it seem like no one’s ever had life as rough. All thatContinue reading “The kids have gone cra cra”

Lucky’s not so lucky

We thought we were going to get lucky today…   We met some friends after church for what was supposed to be a quick lunch. Our friends had to get one of their daughters to a Girl Scout meeting and we needed to get home so I could go take more money from JoAnn’s.* TheyContinue reading “Lucky’s not so lucky”