Roadschooling – East to West: The Canyons

Northern Arizona is so cool. There are so many things to see and do. If you have AT&T as your cell service, however, don’t expect to be able to talk to anyone about it. Few places offer functional wifi either. So, it’s been several days since I could update here. We left New Mexico andContinue reading “Roadschooling – East to West: The Canyons”

Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument

We woke up this morning earlier than we thought we would. Our campsite was very close to the main road, and close to the entrance/exit of the park. So, at about 5:50 we were all wide awake. Breakfast was at a restaurant close to Carlsbad Caverns where half of us tried more local fare. IContinue reading “Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument”

Field Trip – Charleston – Fort Sumter

Thursday was another beautiful, sunny day. The only thing we had to contend with was the 25-35 mph winds. Yikes! We spent the day at Fort Sumter and walking up and down East Bay and East Battery to the Market area. Charleston is a very European-looking town and no wonder with its beginnings and influences.Continue reading “Field Trip – Charleston – Fort Sumter”

Field Trip – Charleston – Boone Hall Plantation

(Image-heavy post. I apologize if it loads slowly!) Being that I want to do more “roadschooling”, and being that my good friend was going to be down in Charleston with her girls for spring break, it was a no brainer to pack up for a few days and head down there as well. I loveContinue reading “Field Trip – Charleston – Boone Hall Plantation”

Roadschool – Yorktown and Jamestown

This past week was Homeschool Week at Yorktown and Jamestown. We’ve been before, but Ash was too young to remember, and you can always use a refresher course on historical events, right? We spent one day at Yorktown and the next day at Jamestown. The Yorktown Victory Center now consists of a middle-class-size colonial farm,Continue reading “Roadschool – Yorktown and Jamestown”

Learning by experience

I was reading through the ofamilyblog earlier today (this post) and what she said, what I quoted above, screamed out to me. I think we all realize this, and I even know this about myself and how I learn best, but I need the fresh awareness of wise thoughts like the above. I taught myselfContinue reading “Learning by experience”