My boots were stolen

When something’s stolen from you, right off your feet practically, there’s only one thing to do. Go shopping. I was notified of an amazing sale on the other day. The RSVP brand was going to list all of their shoes at $6.95 precisely at midnight. It was only 10:30 at the time so IContinue reading “My boots were stolen”

I met Grammar Girl (!!!!)

Some people get all hot and bothered about meeting celebrities. I probably would too if I knew who half of the current celebrities out there today were. I get all excited when I get to meet my own personal celebrities: politicians…and grammar icons. Oh yes. Who are we kidding, I just see them and IContinue reading “I met Grammar Girl (!!!!)”

Open Letter To The Buttinskies

Those of you with toddlers will know exactly what I am talking about. Dear Buttinski: I’ve had it up to my spit up stained shirt and food matted hair. Would it be entirely impossible for you to refrain from making seemingly harmless and awkwardly cute comments to me when my toddler is acting up inContinue reading “Open Letter To The Buttinskies”

They grow up so fast

We were shopping at the mall today visiting mostly kids’ stores because I don’t want to spend any of my money (that I don’t have to for necessary purchases) this month. I whetted my appetite, a little dangerously, by going into a clothing store where everything was 50% off. I don’t know how I resisted.Continue reading “They grow up so fast”

The Simple Life…or something like it

To be an heiress can’t be all that bad. I mean your days are cake while personal assistants do everything for you. Shop, dine, socialize, entertain, workout with a personal trainer for six hours a day…oh wait…I’m getting off track. You’ve got to admit, the lack of responsibility and overload of pleasure sounds nice. InContinue reading “The Simple Life…or something like it”