Sleep Reading

We’ve all heard of sleep walking and what kind of problems it can create. I have the interesting phenomenon of sleep reading. Reading makes me sleepy no matter what the subject may be. Text books are snooze fests, of course, but even when I was reading my recent favorites my eyelids would get so heavyContinue reading “Sleep Reading”

Tax dollars at work

As a woman in her childbearing years certain things happen each month on which I must keep tabs. Keep this in mind. Scene opens: a woman and her two daughters are gayly meandering through a beautiful park in DC. It is a gorgeous day. The girls are happily playing with their Barbies and mom isContinue reading “Tax dollars at work”

The lengths to which he will go

His love knows no limits. He would climb any mountain, sail across a stormy sea, if that’s what it takes him, baby… or he would travel to San Antonio just to bring me these: He probably didn’t go there just to bring me back a bag of chips, but his sexy factor sure did increaseContinue reading “The lengths to which he will go”

Things you may see or hear during a Daddy Date

A daddy running down the street to catch the bus with a kid in his arms and a kid desperately trying to keep up. The running kid swooning into the street like she¬†can’t make it (said in 8-year old, whiny voice), so much so that the bus actually slows down so as not to runContinue reading “Things you may see or hear during a Daddy Date”

What’s Ash been up to?

I should have known when she almost didn’t let me get to the hospital in time to have her that we’d have “issues” with aggression. The evidence is piling up: One time both girls were in their bedroom with the door shut. Ashlyn refused to let Reagan out. Ashlyn is five years younger than Reagan.Continue reading “What’s Ash been up to?”