Is it too much to ask for?

I live in a big city. With lots of people. With escalators. Why can’t I find a small umbrella stroller with a basket for carrying packages? And┬átitanium wheels on ball bearings? And possibly a jet engine? Oh, and doesn’t cost a lot because I don’t want to keep it forever? A behemoth stroller would beContinue reading “Is it too much to ask for?”

Lucifer lives in DC

and drives an RX7. I met him today. Well, I didn’t actually meet him, thank God (and I mean that). I saw him driving on I395. I was minding my own business, paying close attention to all things in front of, behind, and around me, including my blind spot. As I merged into traffic IContinue reading “Lucifer lives in DC”

My secret underwear

I have this theory that when I talk about underwear I get more readers that day. We’ll see. And I am going to talk about underwear again today. My secret underwear. Since October I have been secretly wearing a certain type of underwear: I don’t have a pair of women’s thermals and I desperately wantedContinue reading “My secret underwear”

Monsters and snot

So, the girls and I are in a checkout line at the dinky little store on b@se. I’m already on edge because… just going near this place gets me that way the parking lot is so full people are drive-stalking shoppers as they exit heading towards their cars we got 2 feet of snow dumpedContinue reading “Monsters and snot”

Where is my bleeping brain?

There comes a point in time when you realize that it is not possible to pay to become smarter. In common sense that is. I graduated from college, I really did, with honors even. That proves that I have some kind of book smarts, or at least I know how to study to pass aContinue reading “Where is my bleeping brain?”