One Year Ago

One year ago I was wondering just how pregnant I’d have to be before giving birth. Ashlyn had two due dates: 25 Jan and 04 Feb. The more accurate date, the date the doctors and midwives were using, was 04 Feb. I was measuring large for my pregnancy early on so we had an ultrasoundContinue reading “One Year Ago”

Bronchiolitis, ear infections, nebulizers, OH MY!!!

Being the kind of mom that I am, I don’t take my kids to the doctor unless there’s a really good reason. Partly because that’s what my mom used to do and I think it’s the right thing to do. Partly because we see the military pediatrician. I’d rather get teeth pulled than to haveContinue reading “Bronchiolitis, ear infections, nebulizers, OH MY!!!”

Nose Magnet or otherwise titled, a new “pick” of Ashlyn

We’ve all heard of nose candy… Have you heard of nose magnets? My daughter must have a magnet in her nose…and one at the tip of her finger, because the two always seem to meet up.   I do have to say it is always in the highchair. Maybe this is where the term noseContinue reading “Nose Magnet or otherwise titled, a new “pick” of Ashlyn”

Whose idea was it?

I had an eye appointment today. With big eye machines that need you to sit very still. With expensive equipment. With shelves of products that say Prada, Fendi, and (keep naming the big names)… Whose idea was it to bring a one-year old? Oh yeah, mine. And for several reasons. We’re down to one carContinue reading “Whose idea was it?”

What a weekend (it includes a fight)!

We had a fairly eventful weekend and a good time as a family. Friday night our neighbors came over for our weekly installment of the Jeeves & Wooster series.   Can I say this is one of the greatest tv series ever put on tv? Cause it is. It’s clean, it’s funny, it’s British humor (whichContinue reading “What a weekend (it includes a fight)!”

Bowling by numbers

4 — lane number 2.48 — speed (in miles per hour) of Reagan’s ball 0 — gutter balls (this would be awesome, except for the fact that we were bowling with gutter guards…they saved us all) 9 — Reagan’s shoe size (the smallest they carry…and she used the lightest ball they offer. How cute) 1Continue reading “Bowling by numbers”