Somewhat Selfie

Moms are rarely in family pics because they’re behind the camera. Every once in a while I’ll set the camera up on a tripod and try to get some shots with me in the frame. This was taken in 2011 –¬†we all look so much younger! And editing definitely helps with skin tone! I croppedContinue reading “Somewhat Selfie”

All the candy!

I’ll just take all the suckers. Kid in a candy store (River Street Sweets in Savannah, GA). This is so classic! The original photo was harsh with no feeling and a little yellow. I’m still enjoying the matte effect so I went to the tone curve slider and made it matte. I also cropped toContinue reading “All the candy!”

Beach Reflection

Little toes in sand Fascinated by it all Loving simple life The original was too blue for a fall sunset picture. I warmed it up a bit. I also lowered the clarity but used an adjustment brush on the reflection and the waves to increase their sharpness and clarity. I ended with a small vignette.Continue reading “Beach Reflection”

Learning to Read

As a homeschooler, I say this with all the love in the world — it’s a blessing and a curse to be the one to teach your child to read. Maybe it’s only control freaks that have issues. I thought I would poke my eyes out with pencils before we got the hang of reading.Continue reading “Learning to Read”


All I can say is, I couldn’t stare at this too long. I started feeling woozy! This was taken at a corn maze when my girls were younger. The original was pretty much just as trippy. I just wanted to make a few adjustments. I cropped to a square for graphic purposes. I dropped theContinue reading “Trippin’”

Claude Moore Colonial Farm

There are *so* many things to see and do the Northern Virginia area – for traveling and homeschooling. Whether you’re into nature, history, culture, current affairs, sports, you name it. The DMV area has it. As a historical homeschool trip, we visited Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean. It recreates what a small farm wouldContinue reading “Claude Moore Colonial Farm”