She looks like me

This is so me as a kid, with a slightly different nose. There’s no denying whose child she is.  I didn’t have near the style though. The original had so much going on. Head over ProjectEdit365 to see what I did to put the focus on my daughter instead of the surroundings. Thanks! ~~~  Continue reading “She looks like me”

Down time

Sometimes she sits still long enough to play with toys. But honestly, she’d rather be up practicing ballet moves. This picture was way too yellow out of the camera! I’m going to be honest and say that I initially just wanted to change it to black and white and call it good. Head over toContinue reading “Down time”

Rocky Remix

Dads are just kids in adult bodies. Including challenging their kids to races up state capitol steps. Another iPhone photo so I had to reduce the noise quite even without sharpening it. Head over to ProjectEdit365 to see how different the original photo is!   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Rocky Remix”

Pensive Pose

My youngest helped me scout a location last year for a family shoot. We brought along the umbrella prop to play with. It would make more sense if there were even a cloud in the sky. I think she makes it work. 😉 The stump she’s sitting on is cool, but the background is allContinue reading “Pensive Pose”

We Love Daddy

Sometimes Daddy goes away on business trips. Sometimes we miss him lots. Sometimes we let him know. The girls were younger in this pic and it was hard for them to hold the sign at just the right angle. My shutter speed should have been a little faster. I decreased the saturation, increased the contrast,Continue reading “We Love Daddy”

Little Toes

There’s something so sweet about little toes. I initially was going black and white with this one, but I took some of the suggestions from Streets of Nuremberg and decided to leave this one in color. It’s a toss up for me! Nothing is in focus so I sharpened a lot and reduced the noise a littleContinue reading “Little Toes”