Object lesson – beach

Even with protests from one who would prefer to stay home, I packed a quick lunch of finger foods, grabbed my camera and a blanket, and ushered my two students out the door. We read something last week that I have been ruminating on and I wanted to share that bigness with the girls. It takes allContinue reading “Object lesson – beach”

Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap

So far – 9 days over 1500 miles (x2 vehicles) 8 states lots of friends and family 0 speeding tickets 0 major fights 2 or 3 things left behind or lost 4 head colds 1 starfish (or sea star as they are now called, but I’m old school so it’s still a starfish to me)Continue reading “Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap”

Day 2 – New Experiences, Old Friends

First and foremost, thanks to my lovely husband for guest posting in the comment section of the last post. He’s an outstanding guy and always ready to set the record straight, lol.  I forgot to let you know what kind of classy establishment we’re staying in. (Click on any of the pics to see them full size) They have theContinue reading “Day 2 – New Experiences, Old Friends”